Refraction refers to the bending of light as it passes through the cornea and the lens to the retina. Three factors can play a part in determining how well the eye refracts (or bends) light: the shape of the cornea, the power of the lens, and the length of the eyeball.

When these three factors are in correct proportion to one another, light is properly focused on the retina resulting in clear, normal vision. However, if any of these factors are not in correct proportion, refractive problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism can occur.

The conventional treatment for these conditions is glasses or contact lenses. However, more and more people are now choosing refractive surgery, or LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis), to correct their vision. A highly successful procedure, LASIK can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for corrective lenses.


The Rhode Island Eye Institute offers free screening to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK. The ideal candidate is over 18 years of age and has healthy corneas. Candidates must not have had a significant increase in their prescriptions in the last 12 months. People with certain medical conditions or women who are pregnant may not be good candidates for LASIK.


The LASIK procedure uses the Excimer laser to surgically reshape the cornea, the clear dome in the front of the eye. First the eye is completely numbed with anesthetic eye drops and an eyelid holder is placed between the eyelids to prevent blinking. The doctor uses an instrument called a microkeratome to create a protective flap in the front of the cornea. The flap is then retracted and a small amount of corneal tissue is removed with the laser.

Some patients may be candidates for a new kind of LASIK called CustomVue™ or “wavefront”. This enhanced version uses WaveScan®-based digital technology to create a precise, customized 3-D map of the eye called a WavePrint®.

The WaveScan consists of a sensor and a laser, which sends a wave of light through the eye to the retina. As the light is reflected back through the eye, the sensor measures the unique characteristics of the eye. This information is then translated into a mathematical formula that the doctor uses to program the laser and perform the procedure.


Our staff will explain your financial responsibilities in detail.

Payment in Full

Payment in full is accepted via cash, check or credit card before treatment.  For your convenience, we accept major forms of credit card.

Care Credit

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for procedures not covered by insurance.

  • Enjoy convenient, low minimum monthly payments
  • Quick and easy application

To apply for CareCredit, simply choose from the options below.

  • Online Application go to
  • In person ask for an application while in our office
  • Automated phone application, call 800-365-8295

To schedule a free LASIK evaluation, please contact our refractive coordinator:

Joanie Cozzo

401-272-2020 ext 124


Christopher J. Newton, M.D., Jane C. Cook, M.D. and Nikolas N. Raufi, M.D. are our refractive surgeons and LASIK experts. To determine whether you are a candidate for CustomVue, conventional LASIK, or both, please call us at 401-272-2020 in our Providence office or 508-679-0150 in our Fall River office, 401-437-0500 in our East Providence office or 401-272-2020 in our South Kingstown office for a free evaluation.